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Why join KMEP?

By taking part in KMEP (the local federated board of the South East LEP), Board Members are collectively able to input to and make key decisions which influence the Kent and Medway economy. The KMEP board brings together leaders from: business, all the local councils, the Kent and Medway Universities, and the Further Education Colleges to act with one strong voice.

All members of the board bring their specialist experience, expertise and knowledge to help to drive forward economic growth in the area, by setting strategy and determining investment priorities, and work collaboratively to provide a strong, informed and independent voice for Kent and Medway to the Government at a national, regional and local level.

Business Members’ specialisms include (but are not limited to) infrastructure, skills, industry, innovation, productivity and wellbeing.

As a board member representing business, it is essential that you are able to see the bigger economic picture and are keen to offer your advice and make decisions on topics which may not always directly impact on the day-to-day work of your business but will ultimately benefit the wider population of Kent and Medway by raising productivity and reducing inequality.

We seek a balanced representation of business leaders on the KMEP board, who can reflect:

  • the diversity of Kent and Medway’s business sectors (particularly from key sectors, such as Creative & Digital, Food & Drink, Manufacturing, and Life Sciences/Healthcare),
  • the scale of local businesses (from large multi-nationals to SMEs, freelancers, and third sector businesses).
  • the different geographical areas within Kent and Medway,
  • the different backgrounds that business leaders may have (e.g. young entrepreneurs of new start-ups to business leaders with years of experience), and
  • the different business community make-up (e.g. women in business, and business leaders from ethnic minority backgrounds).

The post is not remunerated.

Who do we need?

(Desired Experience, Knowledge, Qualities and Skills)

  • A confident and articulate business leader, who either owns or manages a business in Kent and/or Medway. Company Chairmen, Owners, Chief Executives, Senior Officers, Directors or Partners are welcome to apply.
  • A business leader who can take a strategic view in understanding and influencing the economic growth agenda. You should be able to communicate your views clearly to help influence strategy in the best interest of the Kent and Medway residents.
  • It is desirable for you to have an established reputation and public profile/network of contacts within the Kent and/or Medway area which directly relate to the ambitions of the region.
  • Enthusiasm for driving forward economic growth in Kent and Medway & a strong desire to make a positive contribution.
  • Integrity, transparency and accountability.
  • Knowledge of the key opportunities and/or challenges facing Kent and Medway businesses and the economy, with ideas for how to achieve success.
  • Ability to work effectively as a member of a team in which colleagues work co-operatively with each other, accepting collective responsibility. Good interpersonal, teamwork and negotiation skills are desired in potential board members. Also, having a history of partnership working and stakeholder engagement is desirable.
  • Ability to consider and prioritise competing priorities and make appropriate well-informed investment decisions based on clear and transparent rationale.
  • Successful candidates will ideally be able to display the ability to problem-solve, use their initiative, and have strong organisational skills.
  • Successful candidates should value diversity and difference and will be asked to abide by the Nolan’s “Seven Principles of Public Life”. These principles relate to acting with 1) Selflessness, 2) Integrity, 3) Objectivity, 4) Accountability, 5) Openness, 6) Honesty and 7) Leadership.
  • Bring a range of expertise to their role, for example a business leader, who is also a charity trustee, a school governor or leads a social enterprise as well.

What will you do?

(Responsibilities of Business Members)

  • Support and influence the economic growth agenda in and around Kent and Medway.
  • Actively contribute to the development of working groups and networks to ensure engagement of the wider business community.
  • Act as an ambassador, promote and champion the work of the KMEP from the perspective of business.
  • Contribute knowledge and expertise to illuminate the business issues facing the area, the strengths and opportunities and the initiatives which could be taken to drive business growth.
  • Actively participate in Board meetings (these meetings are typically 2.5 hours in duration, and usually occur four or five times per year). During board meetings, members will input into discussions from a business perspective, offer advice and assist in overall strategic planning for the Kent and Medway economy.
  • Engage with the secretariat between meetings to offer advice, drive activity and progress the ambitions of the Board.
  • Vote on key decisions, including matters where the board makes a recommendation or adopt an approach.
  • Take an active role in the KMEP’s sub-group entitled the Kent and Medway Business Advisory Board (BAB), including attendance at its bi-monthly meetings (which last typically 2.5 hours). [For reference, the Business Advisory Board (BAB) is a business-led forum which provides a ‘sounding board’ with the business community to review and reflect on economic strategy. The BAB is made up of 50 representatives from key sectors of the local economy. It meets bi-monthly and each meeting provides an insight from the business community in Kent and Medway on current trading conditions and experience of the local economy, on a sector by sector basis.
  • Members with a particular affinity to the skills agenda will have the opportunity to take an active role in the KMEP Skills Commission (KMEP’s other sub-group).

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Please feel free to list any additional organisations or networks that you participate in, that shows your breadth of engagement with the economic growth agenda (e.g. Enterprise Adviser, School Governor, Member of a Business Network, etc).

Please confirm that you have read the Terms of Reference and understand the role of The Board in helping to drive forward economic growth in Kent and Medway and the expectations of business members, including: Commitment to attend board meetings, Adherence to the relevant policies (listed in the KMEP Terms of Reference) and willingness to abide by the relevant code of conduct;

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