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What is an apprentice?

Through a simplistic definition, an apprentice is a person who works for another person/business in order to learn that trade. It is a form of training and allows you to have a job whilst simultaneously gaining qualifications. An apprenticeship offers aid to both the apprentice and the employer hiring them, and comes in a range of different levels, meaning qualifications can range as well (between GCSEs and Bachelor’s/master’s degrees).

Why take on an apprentice?

There are multiple reasons why taking on an apprentice will benefit your business. These are:

Why become an apprentice?

When starting an apprenticeship there is a pathway which enables you to progress. Most apprenticeships start at level 2 and go up to level 7 which is equivalent of a bachelor’s or master’s degree at University. This is a great path to go down because you will not only be gaining experience and a qualification, you will also be getting paid for it. As an apprentice, you will:

Entry requirements for apprenticeships

Employers are able to set their own specifications of entry requirements when hiring an apprentice, however many tend to follow similar guidelines:

Apprenticeship levels

There are 6 different NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) levels of apprenticeships, and each equates to varying types of qualifications, as shown in the table below: A Table to Show the Different Levels of Apprenticeships and their Equivalents

Apprenticeship wages

Apprenticeship hours

More information?

For more information on apprenticeships within the KCC, Kent, and in general, click here. To see which apprenticeships are hiring throughout England, click here.

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